Interface Normalize

All Superinterfaces:
CustomizableRefactoring<Normalize>, Refactoring

public interface Normalize extends CustomizableRefactoring<Normalize>
Normalizes Graph properties
Michael J. Simons
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
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    • asBoolean

      static Normalize asBoolean(String property, List<Object> trueValues, List<Object> falseValues)
      Normalizes respectively converts the property to a boolean or deletes it in case it is not in the lists of true or false values.

      If trueValues or falseValues contains the literal value null than a property with either the value true or false will be added to all matched entities.

      property - The name of the property to normalize. All entities that spot such a property will be matched (nodes and relationships)
      trueValues - A list of values that should be treated as true. Can be a mixed content list.
      falseValues - A list of values that should be treated as false. Can be a mixed content list.
      The refactoring ready to use